June 12, 2014

Shock and Awww….

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I’ll cut to the chase.  Last week at the CFDA awards, Rihanna was naked.  Well, not entirely naked, she was swathed in fishnet and crystals.  An Adam Selman creation that left little to the imagination, other than some sort of modern-day “does she or doesn’t she?” regarding the grooming habits of her nether regions.  Much ado about Nipples, Nipplegate, The Year of the Nipple, and on and on the Internets roared.


The thing is, Rihanna looked beautiful.  Sexy, yes, but the fishnet and crystals (and thong she wore beneath), were all dyed to perfectly match her caramel Barbadian skin.  The effect was jaw droppingly erotic and elegant at the same time. Styled with a sequined head wrap, 1920’s pin curls peeking out, flawless makeup, fingerless gloves, and a fur stole that she playfully used to cover and reveal her body, most likely infuriating Paparazzi and Red Carpet watchers in her wake.

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March 3, 2014

TRENDSlation hits the OSCAR-fashion on the head

Have you seen it????? The TRENDSlation 2014 Oscar Fashion Review? Did all the PREDICTIONS come true? READ it and find out!


February 18, 2014


I am pretty certain that you are going to want to keep your eye (or both) on the blog. TRENDSlation to be exact. Because that is where you will find EXACTLY which fashions succeeded and which ones flawed on the biggest award event of the year. For now…here’s some Predictions….

February 14, 2014

who loves ya!

Today FICKLEosophy is showing some love for all the great creative minds that give me something to be obsessed about!TheFICKLEosophyVday2013heart only

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February 13, 2014



Thankfully with the overwhelming number of snow days we have experienced this season #ArtProject from #google is STILL GOING STRONG.

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Today I had every intention of seeking some milder weather with a visit to the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid. Alas the weather and the air fare (or lack of flights) and – oh – work…well…so many reasons why that visit was not going to happen. Luckily for me (and well over a billion people) Google just launched Art Project. Sure – it is NOT like being there – but it almost is. And almost means I can do some good new-fashioned museum-hopping today! There’s even a Visitor’s Guide to make my museum tour(s) more successful. Why shovel more snow when I can be comfy cozy on the couch with my laptop and spend time with Juan Gris’ Wine Jug and Glass?

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February 2, 2014

monday morning quarterback

And so the tradition continues…

prelude to a monday morning quarterback.


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