prelude to a monday morning quarterback

Getting ready for the PUPPY BOWL!


WOW! How time flies whilst awaiting another Super Bowl! And how fleetingly apparent to me that STILL I find no sense of team spirit except for that on the part of the puppies. You can change the Roman Numerals all you want but some things will always allude obsessive sensibilities.

(traditional Super Bowl re-post from 2011) Disclaimer: of all the things I know nothing about – I know even less about football. Butwith all of the usual buzz surrounding the Super Bowl (XLV) I thought there might be a chance I would develop a fleeting obsession with it. So I watched – halfheartedly – and alas – I did not. While I can appreciate the obsession that millions of folks have, I do find it – frankly – unnerving. Mostly, it’s the clock thing that really throws me for a loop. I “get” that a minute in football…

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TRENDSlation: intelligent style

The tide is turning, my fashion friends, it’s been a long while coming.  It’s nothing we haven’t addressed here in many of our posts, but unless I’ve got my newsfeed too customized to my own personal preferences, EVERYONE is talking about paring down, less is more, and redefining what it means to have a stylish wardrobe.

The components to this change in thinking are many, including the much hyped Magic of Tidying Up business from Marie Kondo, Harper’s Bazaars take on the women’s work uniform, and the 37 piece capsule wardrobe by Unfancy.  More political in nature, there’s the specific environmental impact of fashion being outlined by Reformation,  and the sweatshop horrors highlighted in this video from John Oliver. Add that all up, and perhaps folks are beginning to realize that not only is less actually more, but there are more birds killed with the stone of conscious…

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Sight Unseen

The obsession with #warbyparker continues…

TRENDSlation: intelligent style

I stepped into the brightly lit, sterile Lenscrafters store already with a pounding headache from having broken my 10-year-old glasses.  Lacking proper, um, SIGHT, finding a new pair while a TSA blazer-wearing woman followed me around and asked if I needed any help (ironically she was unavailable to take my order when the time came), proved not only difficult, but headache enhancing.  I knew it was time for a new look, and damn that Jenna Lyons if she doesn’t inspire me to wear the biggest, nerdiest glasses I can find! (only WITH a sequin jogging pant and crisp denim shirt and heels, natch).

Fashionistas with Four Eyes have few choices in eyewear, and I never felt comfortable recommending that clients build an “eyewear wardrobe” because each pair can set you back around $500 and UP (depending on many factors such as lens type, frame “designer”, etc., but I think the…

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Arugula Salad with Prosciutto, Pomegranate, and Feta



I listen to the America’s Test Kitchen podcast every week. I love that show! Practical advice, interesting interviews, and excellent audience interaction. I always learn something I didn’t know. A couple of weeks ago, the Test Kitchen reviewed prosciutto, an Italian ham that is dry cured in salt for at least 9 months. Apparently not all prosciutto is the same. Some American commercially sold prosciutto has ingredients similar to salami, which of course alters the pure umami flavor. The Test Kitchen tried several different brands and found that the prosciutto with the least number of ingredients (two – pork and salt) were the best. Luckily, Boar’s Head, the only brand available to me, is made of just those ingredients. The saltiness of the meat and feta is offset nicely by the sweetness of the pomegranate, the spiciness of the arugula, and the buttery walnuts.


Arugula Salad with Prosciutto, Pomegranate, and…

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Shock and Awww….

TRENDSlation: intelligent style

I’ll cut to the chase.  Last week at the CFDA awards, Rihanna was naked.  Well, not entirely naked, she was swathed in fishnet and crystals.  An Adam Selman creation that left little to the imagination, other than some sort of modern-day “does she or doesn’t she?” regarding the grooming habits of her nether regions.  Much ado about Nipples, Nipplegate, The Year of the Nipple, and on and on the Internets roared.


The thing is, Rihanna looked beautiful.  Sexy, yes, but the fishnet and crystals (and thong she wore beneath), were all dyed to perfectly match her caramel Barbadian skin.  The effect was jaw droppingly erotic and elegant at the same time. Styled with a sequined head wrap, 1920’s pin curls peeking out, flawless makeup, fingerless gloves, and a fur stole that she playfully used to cover and reveal her body, most likely infuriating Paparazzi and Red Carpet watchers in her wake.

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