Keeper Obsession Alert:

Yep. Macaroni and Cheese…but not the kind you think. More the color of macaroni and cheese – at least that’s what Crayola calls it. I loved to color when I was a kid. Spent hours, days even, coloring everything I could get my hands on with everything I could get my hands on. But somewhere between the early 90’s and now I must have stopped therefore missing the introduction of the crayon du jour, “macaroni and cheese”. I get it. Kids like macaroni and cheese…especially the one that is an “orange that doesn’t exist in nature” color. My niece is “all about the crayons and coloring book” now and we color every morning. So this crazy crayon color got me thinking – and obsessing – over what is going on in the crayon box. Colors that I used when I was a kid: Indian Red, Flesh, Green Blue (but why did Blue Green get a free pass?), Torch Red and so many others. Gone. As if they never existed. Some renamed for political correctness (according to, some retired for new ones, some to inspire on the 100th anniversary of Crayola and some just because kids can be more fickle now. The world is smaller in a crayon box…but getting bigger (and more fickle) all the time.


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