Disclaimer: of all the things I know nothing about – I know even less about football. Butwith all of the usual buzz surrounding the Super Bowl (XLV) I thought there might be a chance I would develop a fleeting obsession with it. So I watched – halfheartedly – and alas – I did not. While I can appreciate the obsession that millions of folks have, I do find it – frankly – unnerving. Mostly, it’s the clock thing that really throws me for a loop. I “get” that a minute in football time does not a minute make. But it’s as if time stands still like in the Twilight Zone episode, The Sixteen Millimeter Shrine. The game is in progress. Stops. Repeats. Insert clip from previous game. Current game in progress. Aye Yey Yey.  So I consulted the NFL rule book which includes a Beginners Guide where I found things I never wanted to know including the dealeo with timing.

Of all the parallel universes I could live in I think perhaps the Puppy Bowl VII is more my speed.


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