Saw the movie . Didn’t need convincing. Was already more than substantially obsessed. But my new obsession now lies in how many folks do NOT use facebook (and by “use” I mean network…socially). Personally, I know at least two or three dozen people that do NOT subscribe to “the FB”. According to the facebook Pressroom 500 million people DO use facebook x 130 fpu (friends per user) – if we (I) add a dozen more fpu (folks per user) there are still no less than 6 billion people in need of networking socially (wait a minute – isn’t that close to the world’s entire population?) who “might” potentially live in a world where one little 200 x 600 pixel picture is the gateway to an individual – and now – public universe. Get with the program people.

To fickleosophize for a moment – “the stars – when they do align”. Need I say more? Actually – I do. About the pic: 2005. Al Pacino. The. All a distant memory.


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