Love leather? I do. But today’s obsession has more to do with getting the darn salt stains off my leather combat boots than leather itself. One can argue that perhaps combat boots were meant to show the harsh weather conditions that have plagued the northeast for what seems like far too long. I say NO. I actually say – salt stains are completely and utterly gross. Far too lacking on the character of weathering the storm and more about the casualties of the mess of chemicals that folks mound on the ground to melt the snow. All serving a purpose – and yet – still gross. So this morning – I took to that infamous “cabinet under the sink” that houses every obsessive compulsive cleanser to see what magic spell could be cast to solve my predicament. And there it was. In my farsightedness –  I had enjoyed the benefits of keeping my leather sofa stylin’ and ignored that the product called leather love wipes (dawwwhhhhhhhh) was purposed for all leather including my boots. So – one hour and 4 minutes later – clean boots, shoes, handbags and one very spoiled sofa made me one very happy leather lover.

Oh! They are biodegradable too so – unlike the snow – which never seems to disappear – the leather love wipes will. And at $5.49 for a pack of 30 from method home – you can buy two and keep one at the office or in your travel bag. LOVE my leather love.


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