Have a seat – this one will be a while.

Like so many times before I had a “wish I thought of that” moment about 4 years ago (getting a little fickle with my timeline, am I?). I was always a fan of Artful Home – I’ll call that the grown-up version of artisan-imagined delicacies. And then – there was Etsy. Real life folks creating – with a clean, crisp and functional way to sell their wares. Seriously – WHY OH WHY didn’t I think of that. Well – for one thing – I was busy thinking about other things. And for another – I just didn’t know I would wish I’d thought of it. Buy Sell Community Blog. OH the Blog – my heart be still. As if the US version wasn’t enough – there are UK, French and German versions. And let me tell you – inspiration. You ain’t seen inspiration until youcross borders with folks who create. You have NO idea. Oh Oh – and the ColorSearch – blissful and happy. Oh Oh Oh – and if you want to tap in on the talent of artisans that are local to you – just enter your town and voila – like I said…Keeper Obsession Alert.

Bitter sidebar: And then ArtFire came along – essentially same categories. Sadly for the “creative hands at work” – a bit more mass-looking. Not such a good thing when you are selling creativity – but perhaps I’m off-base? Sorry ArtFire – just not my cup of tea. And BTW – the reference to “Etsy being better at the press game” – ummm – Tony – you didn’t just completely turn me off of ArtFire intentially did you? A little creative bitterness brewing perhaps?


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