Keeper Obsession Alert:

Perhaps we could ALL use some. Help that is. Especially in lieu of the traditional post-Academy Awards comments that are expected. In fact, perhaps this IS my post awards wrap-up. I’ve found a new star to admire. Help Remedies.

Having an insatiable addiction to well-executed brands – I am blown away by what Help Remedies brings to the table or, should I say, the medicine cabinet. The product is brilliant. The packaging is brilliant. The website – playful with some seriously meaningful content (check out HELP I’ve cut myself & I want to save a life which includes 1 marrow registry kit) – rocks! I mean – they even included virtual medicine to help with that which one might perceive as ailments or maladies. And their inclusion of societal hot buttons in a matter-of-fact way brings awareness to a whole new level.

This self-proclaimed “…new type of drug company—a drug company that promises you less…” is completely intriguing and their resolve to do “the right thing” is commendable.

And yes, you can buy Help® at all the “usual places” – but to miss the beauty of a brand that is, in all its’ glory, so much more meaningful at home on the web would be criminal. I’d tell you it would just take a moment of your time – but seriously – you’ll probably stay a while. I did, I got obsessed, and I got Help®.


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