For the past year “L’Amour Fou”, the 2010 documentary film by Pierre Thoretton, has been on my must-see shortlist. Finally finding myself with a spare 98 minutes, I indulged in what I thought would be a narrative glorifying Yves Saint Laurent life and the YSL fashion empire. In fact, it wasn’t. It was a quiet, carefully timed compilation of film footage and stills of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé as they co-existed in fashion, art and life. A history lesson if you will of a painfully shy creative fashion genius and critically outspoken business mastermind.

Throughout the film Pierre Bergé shares private thoughts including his decision after the death of Yves Saint Laurent to dismantle their masterful art collection for a three-day sale through Christie’s in 2009. Some of these segments being the most touching and some leaving you the most empty.

My obsession with the critically obsessed exposed – I watched it twice and undoubtedly, will again.


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