Keeper Obsession Alert:

Truth be told I’ve never really met any Archies. Not that I remember. I’ve always wanted to. Just never have. In fact, there is something about the name that makes me smile. I have, however, become very well acquainted with a particular Archie from Sweden, Archie Grand. This notorious Scandinavian designer of colorful, modern notebooks has gotten me obsessed about who I’ve met and liked, what I’ve done and liked, where I’ve been and liked. You get the picture. I mean, who wouldn’t want “140 blank white pages of unspoiled creativity“? The pages are unlined – which, for those of you who know how I write (actually print) – all caps AND doodles as I go – Archie Grand notebooks are perfect. Check out how you might create your own masterpiece. As Archie calls them, Notebooks for Friend & Foe, and I might add, Faux Pas. Smile.


2 thoughts on “Archies I met and liked

  1. What a neat blog, fun to read and a compelling case for the uniqueness (and obsessions) to be found in each and every day. Love that!

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