Dating is sometimes far easier than finding a movie that actually means something…visually, intellectually, provocatively…appealing.

Truth be told – I passed this one by a few times. Perhaps a dozen times in fact. Like an awkwardly handsome sweetie-pie nice guy with a big bow-tie. The cover was enticing. I mean – who doesn’t love a ginormous red hot air balloon sailing high above the English countryside with a man and his accent hanging from it by a rope? Seriously, who? But still – it reminded me of a mass paperback cover – with a distraught-looking couple in the forefront and an oddly curious, perhaps too curious, onlooker at the edge of the page. Not a trade paperback. A mass one. The horror!

Enduring Love is a 1997 novel by British writer Ian McEwan. Directed by Roger Michell, whom most of you know from Knotting Hill fame. And still I was somehow puzzled by the title, ENDURING LOVE. What on earth? Did he mean long-lasting or long-suffering? So I watched. And was so intrigued that I watched again! GREAT FIRST DATE. The fight between delusion and rationalism – ahhhhh – yes – the First Date.

Is it my fav movie of all time? No. Is it high on my list of “cerebral date movies”? Yes.


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