Keeper Obsession Alert:

Disclaimer: It is the opinion of the author that the following opinion should not be solely that of the author but of everyone.

You have choices to make – everyday – to be successful in life. I’m not talking about monetarily; I’m speaking of the kind of success that is much bigger than that. Much greater. The kind of success that everyone has in them…to be good. Not great. Not exceptional. Not out of this world. Just good. The proverbial They say “it’s the little things”. And I would have to agree. Giving someone a chance. Sharing a wish. Maybe not so little.

Caitlin Crosby meets Cera & Rob and does some good. And then they, in turn, do some good. And then you, in turn, do some good for someone else. It’s their “Pay It Forward”. It’s The Giving Keys. And it is good.


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