Keeper Obsession Alert:

A gal walks into a shop and, aside from taking in one cool collection of vintage “objets de Brooklyn”, realizes she is hand-tapping and hipster head-bobbing. Yep – I admit it – it was me (blush). And while it was not the most attractive sight – I really couldn’t have cared let alone helped myself. The most delightful music was somehow enveloping me and leading me to ask the quirky raven-haired chick stationed behind the counter, “what is it”?  What I was hearing was notably French, yet curiously different. The quirky raven-haired chick just smiled and handed me the CD, and I, in turn, handed over my wallet. Just like that.

What I didn’t know then, and I gladly do now, my CD purchase, French Cafe, wasn’t your classic compilation of songs thrown together for a coffeehouse clutch. It was, in fact, a collection of artists who were hand-picked by Putumayo World Music, a record label established by Dan Storper and Michael Kraus in 1993 “to introduce people to the music of the world’s cultures”. The natural addition of Putumayo Kids and the Putumayo World Music Hour are just some of the projects that have enriched music lovers around the world for years now.

And I might add, they did a fine job. My fickle fantasy flights around the world can now take me to Brazil and Turkey with a possible stopover in Louisiana if I’d like – and in the course of a few hours. Keeper? I think so!


2 thoughts on “hipster head-bobbing ’round the world

  1. I ran into one of those CDs in a small shop in Nebraska several years ago. Thanks for sharing-I may have to update my collection now that I know it wasn’t just a fluke find.

    1. Hi Katie – you can find them in a number of places and they have really grown to include an incredible volume of work. I love Nicola Heindl’s jacket illustrations as well – super cool! I’ve already make a list of “to buys”!

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