Keeper Obsession Alert:

There are a million billion trillion infinitely kazillion reasons why we fall in love each day. And there are almost as many reasons why we change our mind daily. The choices we have – too many choices to count. We can love whatever we choose whenever we choose however we choose (at least that is what the collective ‘we” aspire to do). Aside from all the obvious loves – we can love a movie. We can love a pair of fab jeans. We can love our old worn-out (and rather stinky) tennis shoes. We can love that the mailman waves if we beep the car horn as we’re driving by. We can love the smell of sunshine at 4:45 pm when dust floats in the sunbeams. We can love that the kids in the school across the street have not even an inkling of how much they will be able to love in their lifetime.

And there is someone who is doing everything he can to insure they do. Dallas Clayton is a dad. He’s a dad whose idea of love is SO BIG and so credibly possible that he wrote a book. And then another. And another. And he read them to everyone he could and everyone he has yet to meet. You see, he not only sells his book, he gives it away to read for free online. It’s An Awesome Book. Really. It is.


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