Keeper Obsession Alert:

All this clean-up from Bastille Day has me wondering. And wondering some more. The French are such elegant, divine creatures. At least that’s how I think of them. I mean – Fine French Linen and all. I imagine that no matter the place a fine linen napkin is dabbing pursed lips while sipping a vintage burgundy set on a fine linen tablecloth in a lavender-filled countryside.

Far from France but not too – Barcelona, Spain – home of Hostel Drap – a textile company about a 100 years in the making. Their ingenuity over recent years has produced MYdrap – disposable napkins and placemats that are beyond appealing. Originally made for the hospitality trade, MYdrap “are perforated on a roll for easy tear-off convenience. (yes, like a roll of paper towels) Made of 100% cotton fibers, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.”  With so many gorgeous colors offered and a number of sizes available, you’ll become obsessed about how many ways you can use them!


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