Mastering the English language is always a work-in-progress for me. A new word to use, mis-use and over-use daily is an indulgence I gladly accept.  When I think about how many words I’ve yet to know…goosebumps!  However, back in 1982 – to complicate words-as-we-know-them – Scott Fahlman came along and proposed the “emoticon”. Chiropractors across America were swamped with patients suffering from what I’ll refer to as “the emoticon tilt”, an ailment affecting the neck as a result of the slight tilting of the head to read the sideways symbol. (OK – so I just made that up – just saying’). Of course, a few short years later the Japanese would go ahead and create their own set of “emoticons” – known as “Japanese emoticons” – no need to tilt your head. Thankfully, through years of practice, we have evolved to read the originals without the tilt. So it’s no surprise that we find emoticons everywhere and on everything as they’ve become synonyms for everyday words.

In the “things we put emoticons on” category – check out these 10 oz tumblers from rolf glass. This set of four (each a different emoticon) is sand-etched and packaged in a triangular kraft box for added interest. But don’t obsess over who gets which glass – all is equally punctuated in the emoticon world.

>:)  [evil]

:-*  [kiss on the cheek]

:-#  [my lips are sealed]

:#)  [drunk]

image compliments of aventura magazine, 2012


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