I Love Owls. There. I said it. I love them. Always. And not at all in a fickle way. This obsession with the strigiforme has lasted through apple core necklaces, L.L. Bean barn jackets, Tretorn sneakers and Walkmans too. I’ve loved them when they were not at all fashionable; and, find comfort in the fact that sometimes other folks like them too. Once, I even knew a guy who had a friend who owned an owl. Owned isn’t the right word – how could anyone “own” a strigiforme? It’s just not possible; they’re far too wise for that. (and after she rambled on and on and on about her love of owls…she got to the point…finally)

Especially interesting are owls when they’re least expected. Take these owl porcelain plates from marladawn home for instance. Sure, there are a gazillion owl plates out there in the strigiforme universe but somehow the modernity and freshness of these owls has done me in. And in purple – yum. Only made better with the introduction of their friends: squirrels, chickens, and raccoons. Thank you marladawn home for making Fall fresh again.


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