Keeper Obsession Alert:

Honey. Strawberry. Caramel. Bourbon. Bourbon? Yep – bourbon! Just some of the scrumptiously delicious AND fresh ingredients that make up one of “Oprah‘s favorite things” – FarmHouse Fresh. Oprah sure does know how to pick-em!  But these gourmet finds aren’t food for your tummy – they’re food for your skin! Products like Agave Nectar Body Oil (loved by the likes of Ms. K. Kardashian) and Whoopie! Cream (a “must-have” according to Redbook Magazine) clearly need to make their way into your cupboard. These lotions & potions hail from Texas and are developed with a nod to your all natural sensibilities – each product is over 88% natural, plus paraben-free & sulfate-free. Many are even vegan and gluten-free.

And, as if the product itself isn’t enough cause for obsessing, the FarmHouse Fresh packaging is just perfect! Delightfully-happy. Yes. Nostaglia-inspired. Yes. Keeper Obsession. ABSOLUTELY!


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