Of all the things in all the world you might be obsessed with, perhaps helping someone in need is rightfully the best. In any of our lifetimes, many of us will be extremely fortunate to never see the wrath of a natural disaster. Although, seemingly all too frequent nowadays, escaping one isn’t an option.

Just over a week ago – hurricane. superstorm. disaster. Sandy. – made her moody and spiteful mark on what many of us in the Tri-State Area will now just have to remember. Just remember. A landscape. A summer by the sea. A livelihood for many.

And oddly – what it made us forget (if only momentarily) was a moody and spiteful election year. I’m not one for politics, at least I don’t think I am. More about right and wrong. But, like the weather, it’s just never that clear, is it? Perhaps “standing in the corner” would have been more appropriate for some of the participants this year. Not sure when RUDE became the new “well thought-out and calculated response”. With that said – I digress.

Sandy’s politics showed us even less compassion. Or did they? The infamous “they” say “hardship shows you of what man is made”. Well, from what I’ve seen…folks just want to help. And they help together. Always have. Always will. A kind of hometown bipartisanship that would make Washington shutter.

FICKLEosophy was always intended to be light-hearted. Never so serious. But maybe serious sheds light on who we really are. Just folks who want to HELP.

So politics and natural disasters aside, the choice is this…scouring the web for images of before-Sandy and after-Sandy for hours on end – OR – taking that time to ask one very important question – WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP?

Here’s the short list of who can help YOU help others. Of course, they are thousands upon thousands of local organizations that are amazing. Just take a moment to look. Feel free to add some I might have missed. And get obsessed with one of them. Or heck, get obsessed with ALL of them. They do really, really good things. Like YOU.

American Red Cross – (1882)

Feeding America – includes an extensive list of local food banks

Humane Society – these family members might be furry but they need care and protection just the same

Salvation Army (1852)

United Way (1887)


One thought on “HELP

  1. Reblogged this on FICKLEosophy and commented:

    Just a few week’s have passed and life is “back to normal” for many of us, but there are so many folks who STILL need YOUR HELP. As Thanksgiving draws near – please be Thankful for what you have and even more Thankful about what you can do to help others.

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