Keeper Obsession Alert:

Sort of coal. Sort of not. Sort of phenomenal!

Kuro Soap – made from white charcoal – comes to us from Danish company, Sort of Coal. It’s natural, hand-made and has oodles of unique properties and uses that you can learn more about here. The range of products is unique, covering everything from bath & body to jewelry (believed to offer benefits including “mood improvement“).

Founded by Pernille Lembcke and Louise Vilsgaard in 2004, Sort of Coal believes “that by offering qualified products for purification of water, air and body based on natures own purifying material, activated charcoal, we can make a difference and inspire people to change habits to live a healthier life, for us and for our planet.”

White charcoal is indeed the NEW black. And I am OBSESSED.


5 thoughts on “white charcoal

  1. Oh wow, I will check out the brand! I’ve had charcoal soap before and it was some of the best I’ve tried, and like the poster above me I use activated charcoal though not for soap. Thanks for the post!

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