Keeper Obsession Alert:

There is every reason in this hi-tech world we live in to teach kids simple things – kindness. compassion, love…or at least remind them that no matter how fast life gets – there is always time to share. Monkeez Makes a Difference does just that – it’s a chance for a child to receive a gift to share. Monkeez Makes a Difference, “a first-of-its-kind, fun, and interactive experience that teaches children the importance of helping others in need”, is pretty extraordinary. Sure – they’re awfully cute and kids will want to have all the “friends” they can get – but what happens next is the best part. Every Monkeez OR “friend” they receive has a code on it’s tag. Just enter that code on Monkeez Island and kids get to register their “monkeez friend” online, learn about participating charities, and be a philanthropist  There’s even “Do Good” trading cards available that teach kids how to do good everyday and have fun doing it.

Monkeez DOES “make a difference” and an obsession with “giving” is an obsession worth keeping.



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