There’s nothing like checking out a new blog to start the year off right! #FICKLEosophy has vowed to check a brand new one out every week or so. Had to re-blog THE GIN BERRIES – fab pics on their first post and cannot wait to become obsessed with “The Ginberry”…

The Gin Berries

Ladies and Gin-tlemen,

The Gin Berries proudly present … The Ginberry Cocktail.


We decided to mark the beginning of our blog with the creation of a new cocktail. Rather like christening a new boat with a bottle of champagne, except we actually drank these – waste not want not.


All you need to make one of these is:

Gin (We used Spirit of London but any good-quality gin would work fine)

Lime juice


Hibiscus syrup (Hibiscus flowers, sugar, water)

Tonic water


·     Muddle 10 blueberries with a shot of gin and a squeeze of lime juice

·      Make hibiscus syrup by boiling up 250ml water, 150g caster sugar and a couple of handfuls of hibiscus flowers (we got ours from Wahaca). Leave to infuse for about half an hour.

·      Add a double shot of hibiscus syrup to the glass and top up with tonic water





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