So I’m watching the evening news recently and there’s a segment on this innovative e-commerce company that re-sells kids clothing in the US, thredUP. And in a “why didn’t I think of that moment” I immediately googled the company that offers a Polka Dot Promise to their customers – I mean, a POLKA DOT PROMISE – now that is a must have!

What they didn’t mention on the segment (which in my pedestrian opinion is even cooler than how they re-sell) is the amazing “fundraising group” concept that thredUP promotes. Anyone can create a “group” to fundraise for a cause meaningful to them. A Family in Need. A New Playground. New Uniforms for the Soccer Team. Anything that is worthy of a cause. You just sign up as a thredUP Fundraising Group with a local cause, send in kids’ clothes and thredUP will pay cash for your fundraising efforts! To make the deal even sweeter thredUP is currently matching $1000 to the first 100 groups that meet their set group goal. 

Definitely worth a look see and most certainly an obsession in the making!



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