I vividly remember standing in McCrory’s and Mom pulling out her little spiral-bound notebook (like the ones that used to be required to notate school homework assignments) for reference on a paint color or a proper measurement. In fact, it was Mom’s almanac – references to sizes for myself and my four siblings, allergies, school info, contacts, restaurants, well – everything she would need at her fingertips. This fancy little filing system even included a clever usage of elastic bands as important page markers. Oddly though, never a grocery list, just lists upon lists of favorites brands and products.

The “memo book”  – the precursor to the 80’s filofax, the 90’s palm pilot, and certainly to everything we now carry in our pocket that is “smarter” than we – but certainly not as simple. Night Owl Paper Goods makes one of my current favorites – the jotter pad.  Actually, I’m obsessed with everything they do. You see, they make their’s from eco-friendly sustainably harvested birch and 100% post-consumer recycled paper. There’s an entire collection of greeting cards, journals, calendars and so on…all made from wood you can actually write on!

And thankfully, Mom still keeps her handy almanac close at hand because you just never know…


2 thoughts on “mom’s almanac

  1. McCrory’s. Now there’s a blast from the past! Right on the list with Two Guys, Sibley’s, Dey Brothers, Naums, Loblaws…but McCrory’s I remember best for being the place my grandmother brought us to pick out a bunny rabbit. Honestly, they sold them in a big pen right in the store. (I would consider myself more enlightened now, and would never buy an animal, as I believe in rescue and adoption — even for bunnies!) Thank you for this cheerful post!

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