Ahhhh…the perfect place for a blog to be…right at the start…not sure where it will lead. Fabulous. And since I have always been obsessed with attending a cooking school anywhere – I will await good things from these two San Antonio gals!

Wine and Chisme

We are two best friends living in San Antonio, TX who have grown up together and discovered a fond love of food, wine, and of course chisme! Chisme, for those of you who don’t know, means gossip in Spanish. Because we grew up in San Antonio we absolutely love Mexican food, and a good stiff margarita! But, we were also lucky enough to attend a cooking school in Provence last summer with the fabulous Patricia Wells, and although we loved food and wine before, our love went to a whole new level. After coming home from such a fabulous trip, we found ourselves wanting to entertain more and since we have such amazing friends who love food and chisme as much as we do, there was no lack of wine soaked evenings. We wanted to invite you into a piece of our lives and share a few of our favorite…

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