FICKLEosopher: a being who subscribes to the philosophy that you have room in your life for a new obsession everyday. And, in fact, most days I do.

TheFICKLEosophyVday2013Over the past year, I’ve continued to post about cool products, special causes, books, folks, films, and other blogs galore. I’ve tried my best to include all respective links so you can enjoy them as much as I do. So in honor of the month of love (thanks to St. Valentine) won’t YOU show them some love too by “liking.pinning.posting.tweeting.sharing.following” them as well. You can find them in all the usual places (facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, instagram, etc) and in some you might not expect (and when you do please share).

These are just some of my 2012 favorites so Get Obsessed: American Red Cross – An Awesome Book – Compendium – Eco-Kids – FarmHouse Fresh – Green Tree Jewelry – Holstee – Lazy Oaf – Mashable – myDrap – Rolf Glass – Sort of Coal – Studio Kahn – suckUK – The Breast Cancer Research Foundation – Twelve South – Waldo Pancake



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