Keeper Obsession Alert:

In the continued spirit of the month of love (and avoidance of the Super Bowl) I’m thinking back to some “love at first sight” products that caused day-dreaming, lollygagging, and otherwise mindless procrastination, just thinking about their magnificent combination of form and function.

One such item is a simple one in fact. Simple in both form and function. I can remember everything about the moment I set eyes on the Lulalu clip. It was August 2011. It was warm – but not too. I was at the New York International Gift Fair. I turn the corner down a new aisle and Wham! Bam! There they were – simple little two inch circles of color – calling me. And, as if their colorful forms weren’t enough – I soon discover that they held a wonderful secret. They actually did something. And that is where my story ends. And that is where YOU watch the video. Enjoy!


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