So – I WAS going to take a DIGITAL DAY OFF today – but I was too excited about this so had to post. Besides – it’s “almost” tomorrow, no?

OK OK – so NOT “win some chicken” – “win some chicken plates”! A big fan of marladawn home and her fanciful porcelain critter plates (see last September’s post entitled who-o-o. who-o-o. featuring a set of four fab owl plates);  I thought it might be fun to do a little contest of sorts for all you lovelies out there to win a set of chickadees in honor of all things red.

Here’s the three simple rules:

  1. LIKE this post…not just in your head…you need to actually click the LIKE button 😉
  2. FOLLOW FICKLEosophy 🙂 by just clicking the grey FOLLOW tab at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen (if you’re a “wordpresser” your FOLLOW is in the upper left-hand corner).
  3. this rule is not mandatory but appreciated nonetheless: LIKE FICKLEosophy on Facebook, Twitter – OR – Pinterest.

On Valentine’s Day (February 14th lest you forget) I’ll pick a random winner* from those that followed the rules. Best of Luck Everyone!!!!

* open to folks in the continental US only (sorry to fans out of the US but love you just the same…xoxo).



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