What a refreshing post from newbie Life of Lee Lee! Honest. Direct. Looking forward to reading more from this logophile!

Life of Lee Lee

I think the best way to begin this is to be honest, like all good relationships. I have never blogged before, though I’m somewhat surprised that I’ve held off for so long. It’s just that blogging can seem so narcissistic and even now I wonder if it’s a great idea. See, I’ve always been a writer, primarily for writing’s sake, which is, according to Brenda Ueland, the best reason to write. So I’ve got that going for me. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my writing with others and maybe that’s my egotism already showing and this is just kicking it up a notch. But the carefree side of me has gone ahead and created this blog and we’ll see what, if anything, comes of it. So my best guess is that I will be posting whatever is on my mind that I deem worth sharing. To emphasize, I will try my…

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