Keeper Obsession Alert:

Shaken and stirred? Better yet – mixed and blended – with love. DollyMoo is the collaborative effort of sister act – Nicci and Amy. Nicci’s passion for creating beautiful concoctions began as a mixologist for some very swanky restaurants. Amy supplied the laboratory for Nicci to create – as they call it – “jars of healing joy”. A trip to Israel and the rest is history.

Proudly listed with PETA as a cruelty-free company, DollyMoo produces naturally hydrating products full of organic ingredients: body oils, scrubs, lip balms and more. Their first introduction, Lavender Body Scrub with Dead Sea Salts as it’s key ingredient, is my personal favorite. Add a range of flavors like Coconut Citrus, Lilac Poppyseed, and Tangerine Oat, and DollyMoo cleans up as must-have “aperitifs of essential oils” – including International Fragrance Association approval of all their pure oils.

Clearly, their obsession benefits ALL OF US – “Mother Earth is so good to us, so lets be good to her!”



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