Admittedly, I was taken with the packaging first. Eye-catching Adorableness. I would absolutely buy whatever was inside. Then – a closer look – blown away by the fun-ness that spilled out of every package. Exhilaratingly quirky! Even more surprised to learn of the whole story behind Sugarpova; international tennis star, Maria Sharapova, is the face of Sugarpova – “a premium candy line that “reflects her fun, fashionable, sweet side””. Yes – the tennis ball gum balls are a little kitschy – but it’s candy and if candy can’t be kitschy then what can?! Every ounce of yummy (and in some cases gummy) goodness in Sugarpova’s 14 flavors is made in a candy factory in Murcia, Spain. SWEET!

The very fine print: “A portion of every purchase is given to the Maria Sharapova Foundation for helping children across the world achieve their dreams”.

flirty_1 sporty Maria_Product_141-02a.FINAL_


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