Keeper Obsession Alert

Sure sells – ahem – cute tape. Since 2009 in fact. And, Japanese Washi Tape to be precise. Lot’s of it. But they have the most wonderful collection of one of my newest obsessions…twine.  Or as we knew it growing up…bakery string. I might even be so bold as to say it’s last years “decorative straws” (ref: at last check 771,000 Google results for decorative straws versus 661,000 for bakery twine…so someone (or something) better watch their back!) I digress.

Labels and Tags and Tape O’Plenty. What’s even better is that cutetape isn’t even pronounced CUTE TAPE – “It’s pronounced…koo – like coool, teh-like in tether, tah – like ta-da!!, pee – as in p =).”  CU-TE-TA-PE. Four syllables of divine cheerfulness! I actually just wrapped a piece of Muted Apricot twine around my pinkie so I wouldn’t forget to buy more. It’s 100% cotton fabulouslessness and made right here in the USA. DANGER: There are close to 50 choices of said twine so once you’re obsessed you might find yourself in need of an addition to the house!



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