If this weekend’s DIY painting project has you thinking “how can I be safe for the environment?”, you might be perplexed by the choices, or lack thereof.  YOLO Colorhouse, the self-proclaimed “indie” paint company is a premium, zero VOC interior paint line.  Created by Virginia Young (YO) and Janie Lowe (LO) in 2005 after a transplant from New York City to Portland, Oregon – they were “obsessed” with making paint that was NOT toxic, hazardous, or smelly (among lots of other things). They succeeded with that list and so much more!

Green Seal certified, YOLO Colorhouse now features close to 100 colors of environmentally safe paints. Plus, their “paint delivered to your door” feature is fantastic! (it actually ships through Home Depot, but makes the age old excuse of not getting to the paint shop obsolete).

FICKLEosophy’s fav is ASPIRE .06 for obviously obsessive reasons! Thank You YOLO Colorhouse!



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