A couple of months back, “flag counter” was added to FICKLEosophy. Although it doesn’t go back in time and capture those flags that had already visited since the beginning of FICKLEosophy-time – the flag counter HAS done a great job of keeping me posted on who is checking in now.

To date 41 flags collected. In other words, FICKLEosophy has had visitors from 41 countries. The usual suspects have made their way to the top of the leader board: 1. United States, 2. Canada, 3. Great Britain. But, what I didn’t expect, was how bad I had become at identifying the flags of the world. Sorta sad really. But still, it’s really fun collecting them now; and as would also be expected, I am obsessed (and committed to learning them all again!)! It’s even brought me back a few (cough cough) years to watching Big Blue Marble and to my pen pals-  Betty from Taiwan and Sandrine from France. Like the flags, I lost track of who was where…maybe it’s time to change that too.



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