September is here and that little bit of chill in the air is creeping up on us. While we’re still horrified by the thought of saying farewell to the freedom of flip flops and getting our tootsies into the solitary confinement of shoes – here’s something that might make that transition a tad bit easier – Farm To Feet SOCKS!

Farm To Feet is a company based in the United States that is  “committed to…creating the world’s best wool socks by exclusively using an All – American recipe”. There are a lot of hands that go into making these fab socks. In fact, Farm To Feet not only uses U.S. only ingredients (like the finest U.S. grown merino wool), they also use U.S. only manufacturing facilities that spin, knit, print and display anything that is or has to do with Farm To Feet socks. You could say they are OBSESSED with insuring their socks are representative of all things home grown. And from someone who loves a good obsession, Farm To Feet socks are well worth their weight in U.S. grown wool. They even offer a lifetime guarantee so you never have to worry about that nasty darning. What’s NOT to love!



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