Keeper Obsession Alert

Sisters Liz Downey and Sarah Downey had a dream – to PLAY WITH THEIR FOOD!  So – they took to Kickstarter to see if other folks like to play with their food too!  At the time of this post Foodie Dice had already gotten 1,726 backers for a total to date of $62,602 pledged of $7,500 goal (that’s a mouthful) – and they STILL have 28 days to go!

For those of you who are as obsessed with Kickstarter as I am – this is a HUGE victory! We’ve watched projects come and go…some making their goal and some leaving with heads hung low. As a Kickstarter-timist…I quietly applaud at my keyboard with dreams realized and bleep a “dang-it” when a loved project has to go back to the drawing board. But such is life…

So it is with a standing ovation that I applaud Foodie Dice: Play with your food by Two Tumbleweeds because I wanna play too!

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