FICKLEosophyM247buttonCoffeeSantaAs Seen On Montclair Mommies 24/7: The holidays bring on lots of messy and oodles of fabulousness for mommies everywhere. And with just over two weeks away ’til Santa makes his dramatic appearance it only seems fitting that there is an official kick-off of FICKLEosophy’s 15 Days of Christmas. All the hustle, bustle and jolly’o glad tidings that accompany the holidays inspire gift-giving lists everywhere. Stuff for Kids. Pups. Dads. Aunt Lucy’s sister’s cousin (once removed). And for Mommies…them too. Stuff to inspire, desire, but never ebeniezer. Above all, stuff to get obsessed with. For the next two weeks, whenever you see this icon – the one with the mommies “sipping and sharing” (and the famous orange “F”) – all that, that is how you’ll know this stuff was meant for you..and it’s all available in your very own neighborhood.

So let’s begin at the bottom…literally…with socks. Not the stinky smelly kind that the kiddies like to turn inside-out and wear again. The kind they can turn into a zoo of friends that will be forever close to their heart. The Sock Monkey kit from Monkey Sock Monkey is pretty swell – organic, socks, stuffing, buttons, needle & thread, and very simple illustrated instructions (for us adults that often make things far more difficult than they actually are). The Sock Monkey kit even includes three colorful postcards of sock monkeys doing what they love to do! The Sockodile kit is pretty swell too!

Incredibly Important: Please keep the bits and pieces out of reach of little fingers. Made for kids age 9 to 109.

Find It Locally: Sweet Home Montclair 623 Valley Road, Upper Montclair 973.746.4200



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