As Seen On Montclair Mommies 24/7This morning’s wintery ice and chilly temperatures might have you a wee bit nostalgic for spring. And chances are there’ll be a bit more of this messy mess until we get there. So for now, we will forge our way through FICKLEosophy’s 15 Days of Christmas with a Sign O’ Spring that our fine feathered friends will enjoy as much as you!

Warm and cozy wild woolies birdhouses from dZi, are made with sustainable materials in Nepal by skilled artisans. dZi, a member of the Fair Trade Federation, has been designing and promoting handmade products in the United States for over 20 years. (Read more about their obsession with sharing Nepalese and Tibetan artists with the world.) The wild woolies line includes a colorful collection of maisons d’oiseaux that aren’t just for fun – they’re functional too! Made from naturally water repellant wool, they can be used in all types of weather*. PLUS, it’s a great way to teach the kiddies about bird-watching. Completely obsessed with this gingerbread version – there’s lots to collect and share with our friends in flight.

Incredibly Important: Please keep out of reach of little fingers who haven’t quite reached 3.

Find It Locally At: The Curious Shopper 146 Chestnut Street, Nutley 973.667.5130




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