FICKLEosophyM247buttonCoffeeSantaAs Seen On Montclair Mommies 24/7: A gracious gift for giving back in March of this year had me hooked on all things DollyMoo. In fact – they scored a Keeper Obsession Alert (the FICKLEosophy Hall of Fame) with their first introduction, Lavender Body Scrub – a personal favorite! And this FICKLEosopher was proud as grandma’s holiday punch when West Orange native, Nicci Silva, creator and co-owner of DollyMoo, was a top winner in Rising Tide Capital’s Start Something Challenge this fall.  So, as the Start Something Champions Gala is underway this evening in Jersey City, it’s only fitting that you enjoy a taste of DollyMoo in FICKLEosophy’s 15 Days of Christmas.

As you make your way through the holidays with plenty of PEACE, lots of LOVE and sometimes, over-JOY’d, you are bound to need a little something to soothe your senses, re-group and overcome the overload of being the Hostess with the Mostest. Breathe Easy, a pleasant concoction of Epsom Salt, Dendritic Salt, Essential Oils of Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Wintergreen scores big points on Santa’s Get Me Through The Holidays list. It’s like unwrapping a candy cane of delightful…an instant cure for sore muscles (ouch!), a sinus headache (ugghh), or a stuffy nose (yuck…who needs that!).  If you like Breathe Easy, you’ll love Feel Good Butters too –  a whole collection of body and soul obsessions for your skin!

Incredibly Important: This one is for mommies (and other grown-ups)…only recommended for your littles at your discretion.

Find It Locally: BluLotus 20 Church Street, Montclair 973.783.9866




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