FICKLEosophyM247buttonCoffeeSantaAs Seen On Montclair Mommies 24/7: There is no Christmas in FICKLEosophy’s 15 Days of Christmas without an ode to the always famous, but never overrated, LEGO And as the best obsessions go, they aren’t always the most obvious ones. Sure, LEGO boasts an international presence in over 130 countries around the globe! And yes, they sell an incredible amount of LEGO sets EVERY SECOND at the holidays! But, did you know that they have an amazing Architecture series featuring some of the most outstanding iconic structures of our time?

Founded by Ole Kirk Kristiansen (Denmark) in 1932 (his family still owns it today!), LEGO comes from the words “Leg Godt” – Danish for “Play Well”. Mr. Kristiansen would be very proud of today’s series of closely scaled models like the Guggenheim (Museum). This stunning work of spectacularness by Frank Lloyd Wright would have most certainly been visited by the the Lego mastermind himself! Littles loving architecture, building things, and inspired by museums – can build their own masterpieces. LEGO, obsessed with “inspiring and developing the builders of tomorrow”, keeps us obsessed too!

Incredibly Important: Recommended for littles who maybe aren’t so little anymore…they’re in double digits now or close to it.

Find It Locally: Nest & Company 15 South Fullerton Avenue, Montclair 973.509.9488




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