FICKLEosophyM247buttonCoffeeSantaAs Seen On Montclair Mommies 24/7: On this snowy-snowy day FICKLEosophy’s 15 Days of Christmas shares a holiday riddle with you…Who’s groovy, blue, and helps Santa out too? Why, it’s Pete the Cat of course! And thankfully for kiddies ’round the globe, he makes his way from Key West to the North Pole, and Pete the Cat Saves Christmas (HarperCollins)!

Inspired by Pete, his adopted cat, James Dean (the artist), started painting and painting and painting some more. He painted Pete in a car. He painted Pete on a beach. And sometimes James even painted Pete very far – like outer space! Then he realized there were stories to tell. And, with the help of author Eric Litwin, they shared stories upon stories of Pete’s adventures – always a cool cat with a big heart! So in the spirit of the holidays, FICKLEosophy is sharing Pete the Cat’s simple message with all: singing his big heart out in the spirit of Christmas“at Christmas we give, so give it your all”.

Incredibly Important: Purr-fect for kiddies 4 through 8.

Find It Locally: Over the Moon 619 Valley Road, Upper Montclair 973.746.1728




2 thoughts on “FICKLEosophy’s 15 Days of Christmas: Pete the Cat

  1. My son absolutely loves Pete the Cat, and it is one series that we are slowly collecting. I love the stuffed critter, and thanks for the info. I love learning where authors come up with their stories!!!!!

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