Robby Novak, aka KID PRESIDENT, is having a very rough day and needs your support. This was posted earlier today on the Kid President Facebook page:

Friends, we’d love your prayers today. Robby is having surgery to replace the rod in his left leg this afternoon. This is not a fun way to spend your Christmas break, but he’s handling it in the way he handles everything – with courage and a smile. Living with Osteogenesis Imperfecta certainly has its challenges, pains and heartaches. Today is one of those tough days, yet he’ll still find a reason to dance. That’s who he is. 
Thank you for all the ways you encourage and show love to our family. Love changes everything. Fill the world with it.

Here is an address if you’d like to send Robby a card:

Kid President
c/o SoulPancake
3015 Glendale Blvd #200,
Los Angeles, CA 90039

“It’s one person filled with love.”

Feel free to post and re-post and like and follow and share and all that. Robby makes us smile – let’s give this kid a reason to dance!


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