Why…has a year gone by already??? It seems like it was only yesterday…(feel free to giggle at that one!).

Can it be that FICKLEosophy has been posting since 2010? Yep. It can. And what a ride it has been. Aside from the obvious – sharing my daily obsessions with you – I’ve come to enjoy a home in the parallel universe of “blogger-dom”. And frankly, I don’t always think I give enough credit where credit is due to other bloggers that have inspired me to write more, blog often and challenge the basic concept of sharing anything and everything with anyone that will look and listen.

So here is my resolution. Actually more of a solution. I’d like to do a better job of making mention of those that have made what I do more interesting. Not awards or trophies or buttons to share…just a plain THANK YOU for being part of this crazy universe that has made the world, as we once knew it, a much smaller and accessible place.

Each week I will do my obsessively best to share a blog or post that I am obsessed with. Sure, I can be FICKLE at times, but as far as resolutions go…I RESOLVE TO THANK YOU.

Happy New Year!





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