FICKLEosophyM247buttonCoffeeAs Seen On Montclair Mommies 24/7With littles growing in leaps and bounds, and New Year Resolutions in full swing, it seems the perfect combination of starting off 2014 clean and fresh and on-the-right-foot lies in your very own closet. If you haven’t heard about thredUP, listen UP, ’cause it is PRETTY DARN AMAZING. I discovered thredUP just about a year ago and shared this Fab Find in “kids clothes for a cause“. Co-founded in the Cambridge, MA apartment of James Reinhart, an on-line kids clothes re-sell alternative was born. Full of Polka Dot Promises thredUP includes a collection of flawless used clothing for littles one-year and up. You can SHOP or SELL – and ALWAYS RECYCLE. Now expanded to juniors and womens as well – thredUP offers an opportunity to make your life a little easier…and cleanOUT that closet of unwanted garments and accessories.

What’s infinitely cooler, and a littles project-in-the-making,  is the thredUP Fundraising Group concept. You can create a group “to raise funds for anything that needs funds raised for” –  from science labs to soccer uniforms, instruments to theater supplies. The how it works is as easy as 1-2-3…4!

  1. Identify a Cause
  2. Let Other People Know
  3. Request Free “Clean Out” Bags, Fill and Return
  4. Raise CASH!

PLUS – your efforts will serve a DOUBLE-DUTY. thredUP donates a portion of proceeds from every thredUP bag to support the development of high-quality teachers in our schools through Teach For America.

As the best obsessions go – one that teaches the kiddos about fundraising in their community and beyond is a Keeper Obsession for sure. Is there a cleanOUT thredUP raiseLOTS project for a local cause that your littles would love to support?



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