The obsession with #warbyparker continues…

TRENDSlation: intelligent style

I stepped into the brightly lit, sterile Lenscrafters store already with a pounding headache from having broken my 10-year-old glasses.  Lacking proper, um, SIGHT, finding a new pair while a TSA blazer-wearing woman followed me around and asked if I needed any help (ironically she was unavailable to take my order when the time came), proved not only difficult, but headache enhancing.  I knew it was time for a new look, and damn that Jenna Lyons if she doesn’t inspire me to wear the biggest, nerdiest glasses I can find! (only WITH a sequin jogging pant and crisp denim shirt and heels, natch).

Fashionistas with Four Eyes have few choices in eyewear, and I never felt comfortable recommending that clients build an “eyewear wardrobe” because each pair can set you back around $500 and UP (depending on many factors such as lens type, frame “designer”, etc., but I think the…

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