TRENDSlation: intelligent style

The tide is turning, my fashion friends, it’s been a long while coming.  It’s nothing we haven’t addressed here in many of our posts, but unless I’ve got my newsfeed too customized to my own personal preferences, EVERYONE is talking about paring down, less is more, and redefining what it means to have a stylish wardrobe.

The components to this change in thinking are many, including the much hyped Magic of Tidying Up business from Marie Kondo, Harper’s Bazaars take on the women’s work uniform, and the 37 piece capsule wardrobe by Unfancy.  More political in nature, there’s the specific environmental impact of fashion being outlined by Reformation,  and the sweatshop horrors highlighted in this video from John Oliver. Add that all up, and perhaps folks are beginning to realize that not only is less actually more, but there are more birds killed with the stone of conscious…

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