prelude to a monday morning quarterback

Getting ready for the PUPPY BOWL!


WOW! How time flies whilst awaiting another Super Bowl! And how fleetingly apparent to me that STILL I find no sense of team spirit except for that on the part of the puppies. You can change the Roman Numerals all you want but some things will always allude obsessive sensibilities.

(traditional Super Bowl re-post from 2011) Disclaimer: of all the things I know nothing about – I know even less about football. Butwith all of the usual buzz surrounding the Super Bowl (XLV) I thought there might be a chance I would develop a fleeting obsession with it. So I watched – halfheartedly – and alas – I did not. While I can appreciate the obsession that millions of folks have, I do find it – frankly – unnerving. Mostly, it’s the clock thing that really throws me for a loop. I “get” that a minute in football…

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