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just a thank you

Why...has a year gone by already??? It seems like it was only yesterday...(feel free to giggle at that one!). Can it be that FICKLEosophy has been posting since 2010? Yep. It can. And what a ride it has been. Aside from the obvious - sharing my daily obsessions with you - I've come to enjoy a home in the … Continue reading just a thank you

samsung launches the galaxy S4 with a baffling, overproduced broadway-style show

Ut Oh!


I’m watching the live stream of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 launch event in New York, and I cannot stop laughing.

In theory, illustrating different features of your new phone using real-world scenarios isn’t a terrible idea. And if you must hold your event at Radio City Music Hall, why not get theatrical? But what’s impressive here is how the skits are both terribly written and unconvincing (like, maybe intentionally so because that makes it better?), and yet Samsung is really committing to them — actors get played on and off with cheesy music, and there have been several dance numbers.

A sample joke: “Our family videos look like a movie about a single mother” — followed by an awkward product explanation.

Right now, I’m watching host (and Broadway actor!) Will Chase wearing an apron while actresses pretend to throw a fun bachelorette party. Naturally, they’re adding a few…

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show some love

FICKLEosopher: a being who subscribes to the philosophy that you have room in your life for a new obsession everyday. And, in fact, most days I do. Over the past year, I've continued to post about cool products, special causes, books, folks, films, and other blogs galore. I've tried my best to include all respective … Continue reading show some love

tech to the touch

Keeper Obsession Alert: When it's 20 below who doesn't like knitted accessories? And, no matter the temperature, how many of us dare to part with the oh so essential of technological being - the smartphone? Well, Verloop Knits has answered the call and created a more handspun version of the tech glove, the Westchester. A warming combination … Continue reading tech to the touch

mom’s almanac

I vividly remember standing in McCrory's and Mom pulling out her little spiral-bound notebook (like the ones that used to be required to notate school homework assignments) for reference on a paint color or a proper measurement. In fact, it was Mom's almanac - references to sizes for myself and my four siblings, allergies, school info, … Continue reading mom’s almanac